STaRC - a new dimension of clinical trial management

STaRC - the promise

You want to run a clinical trial? But you are tired of lengthy bureaucratic procedures and arduous paperwork? STaRC offers an innovative service that will manage your clinical trial. Customised and efficient. And much quicker than you ever thought possible.

STaRC - the priority

One of the major goals of STaRC is to run more and simplified clinical trials. Clinical trials are the link between treatment for patients and scientific research. STaRC enhances a close cooperation of all stakeholders in health care: Researchers, scientists, industry and patients. So, the gap between basic research and clinical care will be bridged. STaRC will provide a service oriented clinical research infrastructure. It is smoothly interconnected and guarded by a legal and ethical framework.

This framework will guarantee the safety and security of delicate patient data. And, above all, it will significantly facilitate regulatory issues of clinical research.

STaRC - the personality

Prof. Norbert Graf is the founder and scientific director of STaRC. Graf is director of the clinic for pediatric oncology and hematology at the University clinic of the Saarland. STaRC is based there.