STaRC - the answer

Science is on the edge of a major breakthrough: New insights arising from basic research - especially molecular biology and genetics - increase the knowledge about the complex systems in our body. The cause, diagnosis, therapy and prevention of diseases like cancer are being conquered. New scientific findings boost knowledge at the speed of light. But how to handle all this overflow of data, information, results? STaRC has the answer for you!

STaRC - the difference

STaRC - Study, Trial and Research Centre - is an innovative service center which exploits new results in both clinical and basic scientific research.

STaRC unifies European experts of different fields: clinicians, biologists, IT-specialists, ethical and legal experts. Based on this interdisciplinary knowledge, STaRC provides tools to significantly simplify clinical studies.

Thus, the tools will help to run more clinical trials and support translational research in all aspects. The specially designed Software ObTIMA manages the data overflow and is adaptable to any clinical trial.

This new approach will fundamentally broaden the understanding of diseases and therapies. And it will enable a new generation of clinical studies resulting in improved prognosis of patients by individualised treatment.