STaRC - the change

Didn't you often have the feeling of not being properly involved in your cancer treatment? STaRC will profoundly change that. How? STaRC will provide information about your disease. And it will make your medical data accessible for you, not only for doctors. You will become an expert of your treatment and therapy. Passive reaction is over and out. 

STaRC - the support

STaRC will provide medical information about your disease to increase your knowledge. Special computer tools will make it easy for you to access your medical data.The result: A shared decision process between you and your doctor. And yes, your doctor also needs an update! So, STaRC will provide extensive comparative data from clinical studies. Additionally, computer simulations of the disease and the therapy support the minute planning of your future therapy. Finally, patient empowerment is not a buzzword anymore. It's up to you know to play a major part in your healing process!