STaRC - the offer

Would you like to promote the idea of personalised medicine? We can offer clinical trial-based resources and results. The trial results will cover breast-cancer, Wilms-tumor and leukaemia. Additionally, we can grant access to basic research data. These anonymised high-quality data will be a perfect starting ground for developing new cancer medication.

STaRC - the structure

However, data security is of utmost importance for STaRC. Hence, STaRC is smoothly interconnected and guarded by a legal and ethical framework.This Framework will guarantee the safety and security of delicate patient data. To run clinical trials safely is one of STaRCs major goals. STaRC also aims to run more clinical trials. They are the link between  treatment given to patients today and research to find better treatment. Thus, STaRC enhances a close cooperation of all stakeholders in health care : researchers, scientists, industry and patients. So, the gap between basic research and clinical care will be bridged. STaRC will provide a service oriented clinical research infrastructure. Additionally, the results from clinical trials and basic research can be accessed by medical and pharmaceutical industry.